3 Reasons Why it is Best to Own a Ramp Instead of Renting

When it comes to portable loading docks and mobile ramps, it can be difficult to determine if renting or owning one of these units is best for your needs. While renting may be the best choice for short-term use or small projects, owning a ramp is often the best choice for large facilities and busy operations. This is especially true for facilities that do not have a dedicated loading dock or ramp. To demonstrate why owning a loading dock is beneficial for most operations, the team at Dura-Ramp has compiled of list of 3 reasons why it is best to own a ramp instead of renting.

Benefits of Owning a Ramp

Learn what to look for in a loading ramp manufacturer before making a purchase.

3 Benefits of Owning a Portable Loading Ramp

Owning a loading ramp offers the following benefits over renting:

1. Lower Cost Over Time

Renting a portable loading ramp can be a costly expense per month, especially if you need to rent the unit for several years. If you need to add a portable loading ramp to your facility or yard for an extended period, it is far better to purchase the unit. While purchasing a loading ramp will typically still result in monthly payments, these payments go toward paying the unit off instead of just paying for the right to use it. This means that you will eventually have a loading ramp that is completely paid for, allowing you to continue using it at no additional cost or sell it should you move to a new facility.

2. Less Risk

When renting a loading ramp, the renter is held liable for any damage to the unit. While most portable loading ramps are designed to offer reliable durability, accidental collisions, improper use, and poor weather conditions can all cause damage that requires repairs from the provider. Unless it is otherwise stated in your rental agreement, you will need to pay for any required repairs, further increasing costs for the duration of your rental term. When you own the ramp, you never need to worry about minor damage and additional repair costs, though major damage should always be repaired as soon as possible.

3. More Selection

While there are many high-quality loading ramp rentals to choose from, this selection can be limited based on the provider’s current rental inventory. For example, you may require a heavy-duty loading ramp that can reliably handle heavy equipment and materials. If the provider only has a few of these units and they are already being rented by other operations, you will not be able to get the solution you need. By purchasing a loading ramp, you gain access to the manufacturer’s entire catalogue of portable loading ramps, allowing you to choose the perfect option for your needs. Some manufacturers also provide custom loading ramps, allowing you to design a tailor-made solution for your facility.

To learn more about our selection of loading ramps for sale or to discuss the details of your operation, get in touch with the team at Dura-Ramp. We can be reached through our online contact form and will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our products.

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