Adjustable Loading Dock Feet for Level Ground

For loading and unloading in a warehouse, the safest traffic zones are the ones that are firm and even. This allows workers to move to and from without worry of tripping hazards and forklift operators can navigate without fear of running into bumps and tipping over. This is why we manufacture loading docks with adjustable feet to give you a safe foundation for travel.

Creating a safe work space

Adjustable Loading DockWe have had many clients come to us in search of a loading dock that will add on to their existing workspace. Sometimes the growth of a company can be larger than the growth of the warehouse or yard space. This makes it difficult to scale operations, ship more, and store more. With a portable loading dock you can add on to your existing structure to create a more functional area.

Accommodating existing work areas

To make a loading dock add-on as seamless as possible, we have adjustable dock feet. This means that you can adjust the height of the dock to match your existing dock perfectly. Adding transition plates also helps to reduce any gap between permanent structure and loading dock. Now your workers and forklift operators don’t need to worry about tripping hazards. Also, because each adjustable foot is independent of the next, you are able to accommodate for uneven ground. If the dock extends to an area of the yard where the concrete is uneven, you can adjust the dock feet to counteract this so you are left with a continuous, even surface. Slanted platforms are a risk when loading and unloading heavy shipments.

If you are interested in making your loading dock part of your permanent structure, check out our ramp connection kit. This is one way that you can secure your loading ramp to prevent shifting and movement – making a portable loading dock semi-permanent.

To learn more about how a Dura-Ramp can help expand your existing workspace and improve your business’ efficiency, contact us at 1-877-820-1333 or request a quote online. We are certain that we have the right loading dock for you or we can custom manufacture it.

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