Bobcat’s Millionth Loader Celebration

At Dura-Ramp we have built each one of our ramps with a goal in mind: help our customers solve their problems. When we hear from our clients that one of our portable loading ramps has helped them reach a milestone, that’s when we know we’re doing things right. That’s why we are excited to announce Bobcat’s Millionth Loader.

After producing loaders for nearly 60 years, Bobcat has reached production of its millionth loader. Bobcat held a ceremony in North Dakota to celebrate the actual millionth produced Bobcat loader, and this accomplishment gave the company a chance to celebrate the employees and families that put in hard work to make this happen.

Bobcat has been a valued customer of Dura-Ramp and we are just as excited as the employees of Bobcat to see the millionth loader leave the factory down a Dura-Ramp loading dock. Bobcat is a manufacturing company that can be modeled after for its great products and great people. We wish Bobcat and its family 60 more years of success.

If you don’t have a Dura-Ramp in your yard, we would love to be a support in your business. We are confident in the quality ramps we build that it can help make your business a safer and more efficient place. Contact us at 1.877.820.1333 and we let us help you setup your business for success the way Bobcat has.

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