Count on 100% Welded Steel

When purchasing any type of portable loading ramp or forklift dock, there are many things to take into consideration. Safety is imperative in order to reduce workplace injuries and accidents. Convenience and efficiency are key in order to minimize downtime, repairs and maintenance. Dura-Ramp products excel with regards to safety, convenience and efficiency; however, one of the fundamental reasons why major brands continue to trust Dura-Ramp loading docks and ramps is because of our superior, 100% welded steel products. Keep reading to learn all about 100% welded steel and why it makes Dura-Ramp products so durable.

What is 100% welded steel?

100% Welded steel is one of the most durable products used in manufacturing warehouse and construction equipment. It can stand up to all types of rust and corrosion so it is ideal for any type of equipment that may come into contact with water. Due to the extreme durability of 100% welded steel, maintenance costs are very low. Because of its strength, welded steel is the preferred choice for constructing heavy duty equipment such as water storage tanks.

Why does Dura-Ramp use 100% welded steel in its loading ramps and forklift docks?

Dura-Ramp uses 100% welded steel for its portable loading ramps and forklift docks because we believe in building a superior quality product. Our products are designed by professional engineers in order to either meet or exceed all requirements and capacities. Whether you will be using your loading equipment indoors or outdoors, you can rest assured that Dura-Ramp products can withstand extreme weather conditions. 100% welded steel is recognized for its ability to remain strong in water. This means that are equipment will persist against rust and corrosion while requiring little in terms of maintenance costs.

For questions about 100% welded steel and the exceptional durability of Dura-Ramp portable loading docks and loading ramps, please contact us at 604-795-9799. For a free quote, please fill out a form on our website. As the leader in portable loading docks, forklift ramps, and yard ramps in North America, you can count on Dura-Ramp for convenience, cost-efficiency and superior quality.

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