Custom 5 Piece Loading Dock

At Dura Ramp we understand that each client is in a unique position when it comes to portable loading dock and custom loading ramp requirements. We love to help develop customized solutions that offer maximum functionality, convenience and safety. We recently completed a project for our customer in Dutch Harbour, AK. They required a significantly larger loading dock to allow for multiple forklifts to unload and load numerous trucks at once.


The client required a loading dock that would allow two forklifts to operate in tandem. To improve their operational efficiency the dock would need to be able to accommodate workspace for both forklifts and room for multiple trailers. This type of workspace can be tight and dangerous as heavy equipment is frequently being moved around; safety was the primary concern.


After meeting with the client and working to understand their needs in full, we were able to provide them with a sound solution. We would build two additional platforms to fit between an existing three-piece loading dock setup. When the docks are bolted together, they would create a surface large enough for two forklifts to navigate easily. A new heavy-duty removable railing system would also be implemented to allow for optimal safety while still providing quick removable functionality. These rails would be designed to slide into the sleeves that are mounted on the platform so they can be easily removed if the customer needs an additional docking area.


With the implementation of these 5 piece docks bolted together, the client can use the forklifts to unload one trailer and immediately load one of the other 4 trucks that are backed up to the dock. The forklift operators can work confidently thanks to the heavy-duty removable rail system in place. The efficiency has greatly increased which allows for a faster turn around for trucks and expansion of operations.

Custom Designed Loading Ramp
Custom Designed Loading Ramp
Custom Designed Loading Ramp
Custom Designed Loading Ramp

To learn more about our custom loading dock or loading ramp solutions, contact 1.877.820.1333 or request for a quote online. At Dura Ramp, we understand every unique situation and we make it our mission to come up with the best solution. We would love to hear from you.

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