Custom Ramp Showcase: Cross Dock Solution for RoadEx Cargo

Dura-Ramp has been providing clients with customized loading ramp and forklift dock solutions for 20 years. We work alongside our clients to determine the exact requirements and specifications of each project. Once we determine what is needed, the Dura-Ramp team creates a unique solution that is customized to fit the exact needs of the client. Our customized solutions allow clients to become more productive and efficient with operations. The Dura-Ramp team recently visited the RoadEx Cargo Services facility in San Francisco, California to help customize a cross dock solution for its building.

What did the client need help with?

Dura Ramp custom ramp projectRoadEx Cargo Services is a certified, independent cargo screening facility in San Francisco that screens cargo, secures it and prepares it for pickup. RoadEx needed another cross dock loading solution as part of its building; however, the building was constrained by space which meant that the cross dock would not have a lot of room to extend outwards. Another challenge facing the project was the uneven building surface which was the result of a 7-foot wide section up against the building that was 6 inches higher than everywhere else.

What type of customized ramp solution did Dura Ramp implement?

Dura Ramp custom project for clientAfter taking the time to thoroughly study and understand the loading dock needs of RoadEx Cargo Services, Dura-Ramp developed a customized cross dock solution. The solution was to implement two edge of dock levelers on each platform so that it could maximize its loading and unloading operations. The customized cross dock solution was constructed so that it would not take up more room than necessary. To deal with the uneven surface, Dura-Ramp adjusted the length of the ramp legs that were positioned against the wall to be 6 inches shorter than the legs throughout the rest of the platform. This allowed the customized cross dock to sit at the same height in all areas.

What was the final result of the customized cross dock solution?

The customized cross dock solution built for RoadEx Cargo Services ensured that it could have up to 6 trucks backed up to its cross dock for efficient loading and unloading without taking up any unnecessary space. The business is therefore more effective and efficient with its cargo screening operations.

For questions about any of our custom loading ramp and forklift dock projects, please contact us at 604-795-9799. If you would like to receive a free quote on any of our loading ramps or accessories, fill out a form on our website. Dura-Ramp is North America’s leader in portable loading docks, forklift ramps and yard ramps. Our customized solutions for businesses are convenient, cost-effective and superior in quality.

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