Custom Ramp Showcase: International E-Z Up

This week we are featuring a custom loading ramp that we designed for International E-Z Up in Norco, California. International E-Z Up is the#1 provider of portable shelters. Dura-Ramp created a fully customized loading dock to transform an existing lot into a fully functional shipping hub.

The Needs

International E-Z Up was in need of a custom loading dock, and quick. The initial meeting occurred in October and required the ramp to be completed before the end of the year.

The ramp would need to be able to accommodate seven trucks at a time while maintaining the smallest footprint possible. This would allow International E-Z Up to load multiple trucks at a time, but there were limitations with the area available. The dock would need to be accessed by both forklifts and pedestrians. Also on the wish list was the ability to adjust the ramp for existing uneven grading. This would allow them to place it in their lot without needing to repave to achieve an even surface.

Dura-Ramp was tasked with taking the existing space available and then maximize it to its fullest potential. With a proper custom loading dock design this could be achieved instead of having the business relocate their operations to a larger warehouse.

The Solution

Dura-Ramp began design of the new custom dock right away and worked closely with the client’s engineering department to come up with a system that would meet all their needs.

The dock was fit with a ramp for forklifts, and stairs and handrails for foot traffic. We were able to design the platform at 35′ by 25′ while still accommodating seven hydraulic trucks.

We submitted the 3-D models within 7 days for International E-Z Up’s approval. The 3-D models allowed the client to clearly see the product before production began. This eliminated any surprises that might occur on the day of delivery.

Custom Loading Ramp Drawing
Custom Loading Ramp Drawing

The Result

The dock was installed on time and on budget. Total turnaround took 5 weeks from final design to delivery. The dock was installed by the customer on the same day as delivery. The custom dock changed their existing space into a fully functional shipping area. It now allows for easy access by loading ramp where products can quickly be put into multiple trucks at at the same time, improving efficiency with time and money. The dock was made with the smallest foot print possible to allow trucks to maneuver around the lot, while also allowing forklifts to maneuver on the dock itself.

International Custom Loading Ramp

To learn more about our loading ramps and what a custom loading ramp can do for you, contact us by phone at 1-877-820-1333 or request a quote online.

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