Custom Ramp Showcase: The Seattle Times News Paper

At Dura-Ramp we love to help find unique solutions to our clients’ loading needs. This often ends up in the form of a custom-loading ramp that is designed specifically for the client’s requirements. This week we are showcasing a custom loading ramp that we designed for The Seattle Times News Paper.

The Needs

The Seattle Times News Paper was in need of a loading ramp to help access a load dock door. Their people would use carts to bring newspapers down from the dock onto the ground. The dock they were using previously limited the amount of space they had to work with. Requirements included the use of carts and foot traffic; the ramp was to be built with handrails for pedestrian safety. The grade of the slope had to be gentle enough so that it was easy to traverse the ramp with heavily loaded carts.

The Solution

Once we had all the variables from the client and clearly understood the problem the client was facing, we go to work coming up with a new ramp design.

We proposed to do a 40′ long ramp with a 90 degree turn. The length of the ramp would allow for a gentle enough grade for the traffic. The 90 degree turn from the loading dock door would also save on space instead of having the ramp go straight from the door and occupy space in the yard.

To make the grade as even as possible, the ramp would be fitted with adjustable legs. This would allow each leg to adjust independently in the event that the ground was uneven.

As the ramp was built specifically for a particular loading dock door, we would supply a connection kit. This would allow the dock to be attached to the door semi-permanently. The ramp would be tightly secured against the door and there would be no worry of the dock moving or shifting away, leaving gaps. In the future the loading ramp can be moved and relocated if necessary.

To assist with the amount of foot traffic, the ramp was built on top of bar grating. This would significantly increase the traction on the ramp surface. As the newspaper runs all year long, every season, this would help reduce risk of slipping in the rain or snow – keeping everyone safe.

The Result

Once The Seattle Times News Paper signed off on the new ramp, it was produced and delivered. The ramp was built perfectly for the space. The ramp now brings the news paper improved functionality and safety.

Custom Built Loading Ramp
Custom Built Loading Ramp

To learn more about our loading ramps and what a custom loading ramp can do for your business’ operations, contact us by phone at 1-877-820-1333 or online.

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