Custom Ramp Showcase: Wyoming Custom Solution

Our custom ramp solutions can completely change the functionality and capability of a loading bay by providing new solutions and a safer loading area. In this case we were approached by a client with a problem that was preventing tractor-trailers from unloading at their warehouse dock.

The Needs

The customer had a loading dock that was frequented by tractor-trailers. The problem was they only had 30 feet between the businesses next door. Tractor-trailers attempting to use this space would need to use up the neighbour’s space, causing issues with their own logistics. The dock was also 30 inches high, but the trailers unloading were 49″ high. The dock and space they had was just not cutting it and causing problems for themselves, the drivers, and neighbouring businesses.

The Solution

The space needed to be adjusted so that the trucks would not need to go off the neighbouring business area. This would require the dock to be opened to a different angle. This new loading dock would also need to be wide enough to accommodate forklifts unloading the trailers. If the surface working area were too small it would create new problems manoeuvring the forklift. The new load dock would also need to have a ramp to adjust for the difference in height from the trailer to the loading dock.

The Result

We took our standard DR-Rail15 platforms and replaced the large ramp with a small container style ramp, which sits on their existing loading area. This small ramp is strong enough for the forklift and provides the extra 10″ lift needed. The DR-Rail15 was then built for 49″ high so that it was perfect for the trailers. This solution now allows forklifts to smoothly move up and down from the original loading dock, onto the Dura-Ramp and into the truck with no gaps or bumps.

The DR-Rail is originally built for railcar unloading, and has the opening at its side, rather than in a straight line like other ramps. This allowed the client to attach it to their existing loading ramp and have trailers back directly in. The 90-degree extension was exactly what was needed to fix the problem.

Custom Loading Dock

“The dock and ramp are working great. It has already proved to be a huge improvement for the company’s operation”.

Each problem is unique, but our experience and knowledge has allowed us to create solutions for any problem. Test our abilities and let us know your loading dock problems. We are confident we can assist you. Contact 1.877.820.1333 or request a quote online.

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