Dura-Ramp featured in Canadian Metalworking Magazine

For years Dura-Ramp has been determined to provide the highest quality loading ramps on the market. Through state-of-the-art technology we have designed and created ramps that are shipped all over the world. Recently we have gained the attention of Canadian Metalworking Magazine for your ramp production.

From the ground up

Brandon Edwards, founder of Dura-Ramp spoke with Canadian Metalworkings. Edwards discussed the early years of Dura-Ramp including the economic downturn that lead to growth opportunities for Dura-Ramp.

“The downturn was kind of a blessing because it helped us think lean right from the start; we knew we had to keep our costs under control and make everything as efficiently as possible.”

Efficiency through the best tools

Loading Ramp FabricationCovering the efficiencies and tools of Dura-Ramp, a big highlight is the brand new plasma cutter at Dura-Ramp’s production facility. The plasma cutter is a critical tool in the ramp fabrication process to help us design and produce ramps exactly how they are needed.

“The biggest thing that we’re noticing is that when we draw something on our software in the office, it’s exactly what ends up being produced on the table.”

Read the full article from Canadian Metalworking in their June 2016 digital magazine.

To learn more about our processes at Dura-Ramp and how we can provide you with the perfect loading ramp for your operations contact us at 1-877-820-1333.

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