Get Moving With A Mobile Ramp

Mobile Loading RampWhen it comes to portable loading ramps, nothing is more portable than the Dura-Ramp Mobile. Getting your loading ramp from one side of your yard to the other doesn’t get much easier than this. Self-supported, freestanding, and fit with our innovative wheel system, you can increase efficiency and safety at once.

Innovative Wheel System

The Dura-Ramp Mobile is our only ramp to come fit with two wheels to help move the ramp from A to B. The wheels add versatility so the entire ramp does not need to be lifted in order to transport. Once you are finished unloading one trailer, you can use your forklift to lift the back end of the ramp and move it to the next trailer.


Despite adding wheels to the ramp, safety isn’t compromised in any way. The Dura-Ramp Mobile comes with the same 100% welded, heavy duty I Beam supports that take the load off the wheels. This way when you are ready to load or unload, you don’t need to worry about the ramp rolling away from your trailer. And for added safety, attach the safety chain to fully secure the ramp to the trailer. This will prevent any shifting between the dock and the trailer.

If you have a warehouse or a work yard where you constantly need to load and unload trailers in different locations, the Dura-Ramp Mobile might be the best ramp for you. If you aren’t sure what ramp fits your logistics best, try out Ramp Configurator or call us at 1-877-820-1333 and we can help you determine which Dura-Ramp suits your setup.

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