Heavy Duty Portable Loading Docks

Warehouses, manufacturing sites and shipping docks that handle a great deal of loading and unloading every day require heavy duty loading equipment capable of withstanding frequent usage in the most demanding environments. Dura-Ramp’s line of heavy-duty portable loading docks are durable and long-lasting, designed specifically for extreme, challenging environments.

Heavy duty portable loading docks










Dura-Ramp’s heavy duty portable loading docks come with many features and capabilities that can benefit companies handling excessive loading. Learn more about each of these features below and how they can improve your company’s loading operations.

Unparalleled functionality and low maintenance

Dura-Ramp’s heavy duty portable loading docks are engineered to withstand the most extreme loading and unloading applications. For industries that demand the perfect blend of durability and functionality, Dura-Ramp’s heavy duty loading docks are the ideal solution.

The heavy duty portable loading docks are designed with a large platform deck in order to simplify the loading and unloading of materials between truck and trailer. Setup, takedown and transporting the loading docks is simple and tool-free, resulting in minimal down-time.

At Dura-Ramp, all of our portable loading docks are designed to be low-maintenance so that almost no cleaning or repair work is required.

Superior materials

When it comes to materials, Dura-Ramp only uses the best. Each heavy-duty portable loading dock is constructed with 100% welded steel, capable of withstanding extreme pressure and weather conditions. It is the same reason that 100% welded steel is the preferred choice for heavy duty construction of water storage tanks. 100% welded steel materials require minimal maintenance and almost no repairs.

Exceptional safety features

Every Dura-Ramp loading dock is built with exceptional safety features and the heavy-duty portable loading docks are no exception. The serrated steel bar grate decking on the dock provides users with superior traction to reduce accidents. Each dock also comes with a safety chain and integrated 6” dock plate for unrivalled safety.

To learn more about Dura-Ramp’s heavy duty portable loading docks, please contact us at 604-795-9799 or fill out a form on our website. Dura-Ramp is the North American leader in custom loading solutions for various industries. We have been designing and manufacturing the highest quality portable loading docks and accessories for over 20 years. To request a free quote on any of our loading products, contact us today.

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