How Long Should Loading Ramps be?

When it comes to mobile ramps and forklift ramps, there are many factors that affect performance, safety, and efficiency. Among these factors, the length of the loading ramp is one of the most important. Knowing how long a loading ramp should be for a specific job is crucial for ensuring optimal safety for personnel and the materials being handled. Depending on the application, there may also be specific OSHA or CSA regulations that state how long a ramp must be. As leading manufacturers of quality loading ramps and mobile docks, the team at Dura-Ramp understands the importance of choosing a ramp with a suitable length. That is why our experts have compiled some information on this topic to help operators and other personnel make an informed decision.

Forklift Ramp Length

Learn how to prevent loading ramps from sliding.

What affects the Required Length of a Loading Ramp?

In general, loading ramps will range from 20 ft to 30 ft long, excluding the length of the level platform/level off. This platform can add anywhere from 6 ft to 15 ft, making the total length of a ramp up to 45 ft. The required length of a loading ramp will vary based on the jobs and industry it will be used in. For example, a ground-to-dock ramp for an industrial facility will likely be shorter than a forklift ramp used to load/unload semi-truck trailers.

When do you Need a Ramp with a Level Platform?

A ramp or slope is defined as an angle that exceeds 10 degrees. This incline is also known as grade or gradeability and is calculated by dividing the rise/height of the ramp by the run/length. When driving a forklift on a loading ramp with a grade over 10 percent, it should be equipped with a level platform to ensure optimal stability when retrieving a product or entering a facility. As a general rule, a level off is recommended if you are going to use the ramp to unload semi-truck trailers from ground level. Level platforms are also recommended for loading and unloading railcars.

To learn more about how long a loading ramp should be or to inquire about a specific ramp model, get in touch with Dura-Ramp today. Our team can be reached through our online contact form and will work with you to deliver the perfect solution for your needs.

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