How to Improve Warehouse Shipping and Receiving Efficiency

Dura-Ramp has been providing clients with custom loading ramp solutions for over 20 years. One of the questions our team gets asked the most has to due with improving warehouse shipping and receiving efficiency. Our industry experience has taught us that, for the best results, warehouse efficiency is something that must be continuously reviewed, re-evaluated and improved upon. Since any given number of variables can impact warehouse efficiency, it is important to look for opportunities to improve upon in a variety of areas throughout a business. For the best results, Dura-Ramp recommends measuring warehouse performance through KPIs, optimizing vertical space and employing a customized loading system suitable to your shipping and receiving needs.

Measuring warehouse shipping and receiving through KPIs


It is impossible to know whether or not a warehouse is operating at maximum efficiency if its performance is not being measured. The best way to measure the efficiency of a warehouse’s shipping and receiving department is by compiling a list of key performance indicators (KPIs), tracking data based on these KPIs and reviewing the data on a regular basis. The results will point to areas of success opportunities for improvement.

Optimizing a warehouse’s vertical space


It is far too often that companies maximize the horizontal space of warehouses without giving any consideration to the amount of untouched vertical space. Since most warehouses are limited with the amount of space they have, vertical space becomes equally as important as horizontal space. Installing shelves, cabinets and other storage equipment within the shipping and receiving department can create space, save time and improve operational efficiency.

Employing customized loading ramp solutions


Warehouse Loading RampOne of the best ways to improve warehouse shipping and receiving efficiency is to ensure that high-performing loading ramps and loading docks are being used. Dura-Ramp manufactures a variety of high-performing loading ramps constructed from 100% welded steel in order to provide maximum durability and functionality. Dura-Ramp products speed up loading and unloading procedures while simultaneously reducing equipment maintenance and operational downtime. Dura-Ramp’s loading equipment is built with operational safety in mind. Safety chains, integrated dock plates and serrated steel bar rate decking are used to provide superior forklift ramp safety.

For questions on how to improve warehouse shipping and receiving efficiency, please contact Dura-Ramp at 604-795-9799 or visit our website to request a free quote. Dura-Ramp is more than just a manufacturer of loading ramps and loading dock accessories. We are a company dedicated to helping businesses improve their shipping and receiving procedures through customized solutions tailored to their specific needs. The cross dock solution we recently completed for Roadex Cargo in San Francisco is a testament to this. Dura-Ramp is the North American leader in loading docks, forklift ramps and yard ramps. Let us put our 20 years of industry experience to work and create a customized solution for your warehouse.

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