Loading Ramp Options

When it comes to portable loading ramps, one size does not fit all. To give our customers exactly what they need, Dura-Ramp overs a variety of different ramp options. From the Electric Easy-Lift to removable hand railings, these ramp additions can give your Dura-Ramp even more value.

option6_easyliftElectric Easy-Lift

This little machine, requiring just a 110V electrical connection, can save you on time spent raising and lowering your forklift ramp. If you find yourself needing to adjust the height of your ramp frequently, the Easy-Lift can lift and lower a ramp in just two minutes from its lowest state to full extension.

option4_transitionplatesTransition Plate

This transition plate replaces the standard integrated 6″ dock overlap. This 16″ plate is comprised of a series of longer, door style hinged plates to give you the smoothest transition between any surface and your loading dock.

option3_ritehitelevelerEOD – Dock Leveler

The dock leveler also replaces the 6″ dock overlap. This addition includes rubber bumpers to protect both the truck and the dock from any contact damage. The integrated dock leveler makes height adjustment easy and will help save you time during truck loading.

option1_wooddeckWood Decking

While our ramps come standard with bar grate decking to provide optimal traction for forklift traffic, we have wood decking as an option for those using tracked equipment. For the best safety with this type of machinery, wood decking is a must.

options2_removeablehandrailsRemovable Hand Railings

These hand railings are a great safety feature if your ramp is going to experience heavy foot traffic. The railings add more stability for workers and can prevent injury. The handrails are completely removable in the event that an oversized object needs to be transported down the ramp. 

These are some of the features that you can add to your Dura-Ramp portable loading dock. Check the Ramp Options tab on the product page to see what options your ramp can have. If you are looking for a unique feature not listed, contact us at 1.877.820.1333 and we can help make it happen. We specialize in custom ramps for your unique needs.

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