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  • Dura-Ramp receives Canadian Welding Bureau Certification

    Dura-Ramp is pleased to announce that effective February 1, 2017, it is certified in Division 2 of CSA Standard W47.1, “Certification of Companies for Fusion Welding of Steel”, under the Canadian Welding Bureau. This is a big announcement for Dura-Ramp given the distinction and recognition of the bureau. For over 25 years, Dura-Ramp has committed ... READ MORE

  • Why Your Business Needs the Dura-Ramp Pro Model Loading Ramp

    Dura-Ramp carries a variety of different portable loading dock solutions for many different applications including yard use, high dock warehouses, economical loading and railcar loading. For heavy duty loading applications, Dura-Ramp recommends its Pro model of heavy duty ramps and loading docks. The Dura-Ramp pro series is designed to handle the most demanding work environments ... READ MORE

  • How to Improve Warehouse Shipping and Receiving Efficiency

    Dura-Ramp has been providing clients with custom loading ramp solutions for over 20 years. One of the questions our team gets asked the most has to due with improving warehouse shipping and receiving efficiency. Our industry experience has taught us that, for the best results, warehouse efficiency is something that must be continuously reviewed, re-evaluated ... READ MORE

  • Custom Ramp Showcase: Cross Dock Solution for RoadEx Cargo

    Dura-Ramp has been providing clients with customized loading ramp and forklift dock solutions for 20 years. We work alongside our clients to determine the exact requirements and specifications of each project. Once we determine what is needed, the Dura-Ramp team creates a unique solution that is customized to fit the exact needs of the client. ... READ MORE

  • Count on 100% Welded Steel

    When purchasing any type of portable loading ramp or forklift dock, there are many things to take into consideration. Safety is imperative in order to reduce workplace injuries and accidents. Convenience and efficiency are key in order to minimize downtime, repairs and maintenance. Dura-Ramp products excel with regards to safety, convenience and efficiency; however, one ... READ MORE

  • Innovative Loading Solutions

    Loading innovation isn’t solely about speeding up the entire loading process with regards to portable loading ramps and loading docks. Innovation is all about convenience, cost efficiency, safety and quality. The continuous improvement within these four areas is something that Dura-Ramp continues to strive for on a daily basis. For these reasons, large corporations like ... READ MORE

  • Expanding Your Existing Space with a Loading Dock

    One of the best ways to get more value out of your shipping and receiving department is by expanding your existing space with a loading dock from Dura-Ramp. Dura-ramp offers endless solutions designed by our team of professionals ensuring that they are fully customizable and of the highest quality. Incorporating a Dura-Ramp loading dock into ... READ MORE

  • Custom 5 Piece Loading Dock

    At Dura Ramp we understand that each client is in a unique position when it comes to portable loading dock and custom loading ramp requirements. We love to help develop customized solutions that offer maximum functionality, convenience and safety. We recently completed a project for our customer in Dutch Harbour, AK. They required a significantly ... READ MORE

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