Ramp Connection Kit: Portable to Permanent

Throughout a number of conversations we describe many of our loading ramps as “portable”, we understand that a number of our clients do not intend to have their loading docks or loading ramps moved frequently – if ever. While forklifts can move our docks and ramps easily, we also offer a ramp connection kit so you can make your ramp a semi-permanent fixture for a warehouse.

Making your loading dock permanent

Our loading docks are tough and durable. We design them to take a lot of abuse without comprising structural integrity. For this reason they have become expansions of many of our client’s workspaces. If you see one of our recent custom ramp designs you can see that our ramps are built to improve efficiencies in existing buildings. For this reason the ramps and docks are likely not going to be moved once they are put in place. To prevent the loading ramp from being shifted over time or loading docks from being pushed during trailer docking, the ramp connection kit can provide a semi-permanent connection point.

How does it work?

Loading Ramp Dock Connection KitThe ramp connection kit comes with reinforced steel brackets for each side of the ramp. These brackets are bolted into the ramp and the physical structure. Through the combined strength of the structure, brackets, and loading dock, there will be no movement. You don’t need to worry about gaps being created between the platform and warehouse. These gaps can be dangerous to foot traffic and forklifts. The connection kit will prevent movement from trailer docking that often can cause this gap.

We do recommend that you check the connection between the Dura-Ramp and the physical structure if a trailer hits it hard during the docking process. This could cause damage to the structure and cracking which will loosen the bolts.

If you are interested in securing your loading ramp or loading dock to an existing structure, or have a new one ramp for your warehouse, contact Dura-Ramp at 1-877-820-1333. We can help you to find the ideal solution for your workplace.

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