Ramp Deals: Transistion Plates

6” dock overlaps are a standard on all of our loading ramps. These offer a smooth transition between surfaces for forklifts and equipment. But because we know that there are so many different environments, setups, and working conditions, the 6″ dock overlaps might not due the trick for all our customers. This is why we have offer larger transition plates as an option to add to our ramps.

Ramp Transition Plates

16″ Ramp Transition Plates

To replace the 6″ dock overlaps, our manually operated 16″ transition plates offer more coverage and safety when docking to your loading ramp. The ramp transition plates work on door style hinges for easy implementation. Once you have backed your truck up to the ramp or placed your ramp in front of your loading bay, simply drop the transition plates carefully down onto the platform. When your dock is secured with the safety chain, the transition plates offer greater coverage and a smoother transition when navigating between the platform and the dock.

At Dura-Ramp we aim to create cost-effective, safe loading ramps. As part of this goal we offer many ramp models, options, and customization. If you have any questions about our ramps or what features are possible, contact us at 1-877-820-1333 and we would be happy to help you get started on your new ramp.

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