Ramp Options: Removable Hand Railings

Removable Ramp Hand RailingsOur portable loading ramps come standard with ramp guards to prevent forklifts from steering off of the ramp. But when you have a ramp that is experiencing heavy ramp traffic these small guardrails might not be safe enough. When carrying heavy cargo up and down the ramp, and passing other workers on the ramp, you may get dangerously close to the edge or miss your footing – this is why we introduced removable hand railings.


Maximizes Foot Traffic Safety

You can add removable hand railings to any of our portable ramps. The railings stand tall to prevent team members from falling off the sides of the ramp. The railings are made like the same durable construction of our ramps, so they can stand up to the toughest jobs. If you have a warehouse where foot traffic is common and your ramp is used to access a warehouse or delivery trucks, removable hand railings are critical to the safety of your staff.

If you are interested in having removable hand railings for your portable loading ramp, contact us at 1-877-820-1333. We have a wide range of ramp models as well as ramp options to tailor your ramp to your needs. If you need more help finding the right ramp and options, use our ramp configurator tool.

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