Ramp Options: Upgraded Channel Rails

We know that our ramps can end up in some of the toughest working conditions anywhere around the world. For this reason we have upgraded channel rails for those operators who expect their loading ramp to take the harshest abuse.

Channel Rails For Loading Ramps

As a standard, all our ramps are produced with low reinforced i-beam rails. These rails are designed to prevent equipment from driving off the side of the loading ramp and staying on track.

We also have removable hand railings that can be added which add security for foot traffic. In the event that one of your employees is carrying a heavy load and loses their balance, the high hand railings are there to prevent fall related and other types of injuries.

Loading Ramp Channel RailsThe channel rails add another level of protection for those who use their loading ramp in the toughest conditions and with heavy equipment. The channel rails are built out of the strong steel are impenetrable from forklift prongs or loader buckets. The rails are higher to stop equipment with larger wheels from driving off the side of the ramp. This adds another layer of protection to prevent costly equipment damages and serious injuries.

Loading ramp channel rails are just one of they ways we are improving our portable loading docks. Our loading docks are an investment for your company that will delivery returns in efficiency and safety. Get the most out of our ramps by choosing the right one for your operations, adding the right features, or fully customizing it. Contact us at 1-877-820-1333 for more information or request a quote to get started.

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