Ramp Setup & Safety Procedures

All of our loading ramps were designed with safety and convenience in mind. Getting a Dura-Ramp setup and ready to move freight can be done in nine easy steps. If you follow every step carefully, you can be loading or unloading quickly and avoid any injuries. Here is a checklist for your ramp:

  1. Position ramp at location– Give the truck and your forklift enough space to maneuver. You don’t want to spend time later navigating tight spaces.
  2. Adjust the fold down plates to the upright position – You will need these plates for smooth access onto the trailer. Without them you are leaving a gap that could compromise security.
  3. Have the tractor back up to the loading platform – Have someone guide the trailer back to the ramp, lining up the trailer with the ramp as best as possible.
  4. Attach the safety chain to the trailer bumper – The safety chain is there for extra security. Attach it to avoid movement and separation between the trailer and the ramp.
  5. Insert safety wheel chocks behind trailer tires – Safety chocks will prevent the truck from rolling away from the ramp.
  6. Position fold down plates in the downward position – Place the transition plates down for forklift access. Be careful when placing the plates so you do not pinch your fingers.
  7. Adjust the platform height to the desired height – To create the smoothest transition between the ramp and the trailer, match the heights as best as possible. You don’t want your forklift to bounce up or down while holding heavy materials.
  8. Have the truck driver exit the truck – For everyone’s safety have the driver exit the truck. The vehicle should be securely in park and all brakes active to prevent rolling and shifting.
  9. Begin the loading or unloading process – You are now ready to unload. The ramp is now securely fastened to the trailer and there should be no movement that could compromise the process.

Dura-Ramps offer the best for forklift loading safety, but it’s up to you to take care in doing so. If you have any questions about your Dura-Ramp, contact us at 1.877.820.1333. For a visual demonstration watch the video below.

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