Should You Store Your Ramp Under Cover When it is Not in Use?

When it comes to the longevity and maintenance of your loading ramp, the way you store it can make a significant difference. Whether you own a ramp for your warehouse, rail yard, or loading bay, preserving its condition is essential for its durability and performance. Dura-Ramp emphasizes the importance of proper ramp storage and provides some insights into whether or not you should store your ramp under cover when it is not in use.

should you store your ramp under cover when it is not in use

Benefits of Storing Your Ramp Under Cover

1. Protection from the Elements

Ramps exposed to varying weather conditions, be it scorching sun, rain, or snow, tend to wear out faster. Covering them protects against direct UV rays, which can cause material deterioration, and prevents water from seeping into any tiny cracks or joints, which can lead to rusting or structural weaknesses.

2. Increased Lifespan

By keeping your ramp under a cover, you essentially shield it from many factors that could shorten its life. This means fewer repairs and a longer duration before a replacement is needed.

3. Improved Safety

Moisture can make the surface of the ramp slippery, posing a potential safety risk. Storing it under cover ensures that the ramp remains dry and safe for use for your employees, too.

4. Protection from Location Conditions

If your facility is near the coast, the saline content in the air combined with moisture can be detrimental to your ramp. Corrosion is a real threat in such conditions, making it crucial to store ramps under a cover.

The dry climate and UV exposure are also a problem for your ramp. In areas where the sun’s intensity is high, the harmful UV rays can cause the ramp material to fade, weaken, or crack over time. A cover acts as a shield, reducing the direct impact.

Colder regions, especially in Canada and the Eastern US, can bring about the accumulation of snow and add unnecessary weight to the ramp. Plus, freezing and thawing can lead to material contraction and expansion, which is not good for the ramp’s structure. Covered storage prevents such hassles.

Here are a few loading ramp safety tips for winter.

Ramp Covers Go a Long Way

Even if you cannot store your ramp indoors or under a permanent structure, investing in a high-quality ramp cover is a wise decision. Ramp covers are typically designed to be easily draped over or fastened to the ramp, making them a flexible solution for varied ramp sizes, ensuring protection against rain, sun, and even snow.

Wondering how to keep your ramp safe? The experts at Dura-Ramp can help. Just drop us a line via our web form, and we will promptly answer your requests.

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