Solutions For Your High Dock Warehouse

High dock warehouses can face issues that others do not. The height can be difficult for small delivery trucks and can often be too high to transfer heavy goods into the warehouse from the ground. Not only can our loading ramps solve these problems, they can also create opportunities. If you have a high dock warehouse and are looking for a forklift ramp to get your operations moving better, here are some options.

Dura-Ramp ST portable loading ramp

Dura-Ramp ST Ramps

Our Dura-Ramp ST is built with high docks in mind. It can transform your space and give you the ground access you require. Complete with fully self-supported and adjustable legs, you don’t need any permits or modifications to get started. Our ST ramps can service docks between 42 and 56 inches in height. The ramp is completely mobile so you can move it to any bay where it is needed, and move it out of the way with ease when a large dry van trailer needs to access the space. By using a Dura-Ramp portable loading dock, you are given more efficient access to your warehouse.

Custom Portable Ramps

If you have a more unique jobsite or have a more detailed loading process, you can always design your own custom loading ramp. With custom ramp design, we’ll build to match your exact needs. You can build a ramp to fit the exact width of your wide dock, or add on multiple ramps to allow for access by several forklifts or workers. With the measurements of your dock and environmental factors taken into consideration, we can give you what you need. Custom portable ramps are limitless.

Don’t be limited by the space you have. Our ramps are mobile and highly customizable. They are manufactured for turnkey delivery, allowing you to get to work faster. To build a custom ramp for your high dock warehouse, visit our custom ramp page and request a quote. If you have questions about our portable loading docks, please contact us at 1.877.820.1333.

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