The 5 Keys to Loading Ramp Safety

At Dura-Ramp, we know that working on a loading ramp can be a dangerous job and that injuries can occur if the proper precautions are not taken before work starts. That is why we want to help you keep everyone safe while working on portable loading docks. Here are the 5 keys to loading ramp safety when working on a portable loading ramp.

Dura-Ramp ST1. Safety Chain

Before starting work on a portable loading ramp, ensure that the safety chain is securely fastened. This can be done by hooking the chain tightly to prevent movement and space between the dock and the loading ramp. Any gaps can be a tripping hazard and a problem for forklifts.

2. Surface Conditions

It is important to wear the appropriate footwear when working in any warehouse, but more so to get the right grip on the loading ramp. While all Dura-Ramp products have serrated steel bar grate decking for optimal traction that also prevents snow build up, it is important to test the surface conditions before work begins in order to ensure safety.

3. Work Area

When you have foot and forklift traffic on the portable loading ramp all at once, it can quickly become a tight fit. Take note of your surroundings and how much room you have. Taking the wrong step backwards while carrying cargo can be dangerous. If you are not prepared for the incline or the edge of the loading ramp, injuries can occur.

4. Know the Capacity

All of our loading ramp products are built to meet or exceed their stated capacities; however, it is important to know the loading ramp’s capacity. If you are planning on bringing a heavy load down the portable loading ramp, make sure the ramp is prepared for it.

5. Review your Manual

Each loading ramp comes with a manual outlining any information you will need for its safe ongoing use. This will help you for the set up, take down, and movement of your portable loading ramp. Using your loading ramp properly can help reduce the risk of injury.

If you would like to learn more about the 5 keys to loading ramp safety, or if you are interested in one of our loading ramp products or loading ramp accessories, please contact Dura-Ramp at 604-795-9799 or request a quote on our website.

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