The New Rent-a-Ramp Program

Rent-A-Ramp Program by Dura-RampWe know that Dura-Ramp can save your business money and resolve complicated loading problems. Now we want to help meet your most complex needs with the option to Rent-a-Ramp. For times when you need a temporary solution or you can’t commit to purchasing a long-term asset, renting a portable loading ramp could be the best option for you. Here are just a few advantages of our rental program.


You can take advantage of all the benefits of a portable loading dock in the time frame that your need it. Whether you moving to a different warehouse short term or you are expecting a shipment that you cannot handle with your current setup, renting a portable loading ramp can help maximize your options without requiring you to make a hurried commitment. And when you’re done with the ramp, we’ll come pick it back up.

Cost Effective

With the rent-a-ramp rental program you can stretch your dollar even further by using our simple monthly payment or pre-payment method on your credit card. You also have the option to buyout the ramp if you decide that you need it indefinitely.

Hassle Free

Our backend systems enable us to offer next-day delivery on rental ramps to most locations in British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. We’ve found that many of our customers face immediate needs and value this expeditious response, so we make sure we have them in stock and get them out the door fast. We will also deliver the ramp directly to your site and get it setup so you don’t need to stress about the details, but can instead focus on moving your goods.

If your business in British Columbia, Alberta, or Saskatchewan, is in need of a temporary portable loading ramp or want to test one before purchasing, visit our rental page for more details. Contact us at 1.877.820.1333 for more information about our Rent-a-Ramp program.

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