Warehouse Loading Tips

While we are dedicated to providing you with safe, economical loading ramps for your warehouse and work areas, we also want to help make your workplace better all around. Here are some tips that could help optimize the processes for your shipping/receiving warehouse.

Increase Productivity with Digital

Digital technology is taking over everything. By now almost every person in North America is equipped with a smart phone because prices have reached a point of affordability. The benefits of technology can also be brought into the warehouse. If you are currently not using an electronic inventory system, you could be missing out on a lot of efficiencies. By equipping your work force with handheld devices connected to an inventory system they can quickly locate a delivery, find out when a shipment is coming in, find out how much of an item you have on hand, and even more. Take some time to research some options out there and run the numbers on how much it would cost to implement a digital solution in your warehouse. You could end up saving thousands of dollars and significantly shrink margins of error.

Ensure loading ramps are up to capacity/standards

Warehouse Loading RampOne thing that we recommend to our clients is to make sure that the loading ramp they are using can hold the weight they need. If your current ramp is being taxed or brought to its limit, you could be risking your workforce’s health and safety. Having ramps with the capacity you need help to keep everyone safe. A portable loading ramp is also extremely useful in the event that you need to shift around the workspace and move the ramp to the other end of your lot. This is where are mobile ramps come in handy.

Work safely with forklifts

Forklifts are widely used in every warehouse. But such efficient machines can be dangerous if not used properly. Have your employees certified for forklift use so that they are knowledgeable. This can prevent harm to other employees and damage that can occur to products if they are mishandled. Ensure that you are regularly inspecting your forklifts to avoid a situation. If there is a problem with a wheel or hydraulics, it could be an expensive fix for the entire warehouse, not just the forklift.

Work safe at night with bright lights

For those workplaces working 24-hour days or twilight shifts, make sure your space is properly lit. This can be overlooked at time because things happen so fast. Inventory can start being stacked in a dark corner or an area that’s not well lit because of a time crunch. Have spotlights available so that your employees can quickly set them up in the area they are working in. Again, a safety procedure like this can prevent injury for employees and damage to products.

There are many other ways that you can improve your warehouse productivity, such as picking paths and simple feedback from employees. We recommend reviewing your logistics at least once a year to find out how they can be improved. And for all your loading ramp needs, contact Dura-Ramp at 1-877-820-1333 and we will make sure that your ramps are as efficient as possible.

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