Electric Easy-Lift Motor for Loading Docks

A 110V Electric Motor For Adjusting The Height Of Loading Docks

The Dura-Ramp Electric Easy-Lift makes the process of raising or lowering your portable loading dock incredibly simple. Requiring just a standard 110V electrical connection, the Electric Easy-Lift can be installed onto an existing portable dock with ease. This quicker way for adjusting the height of your loading ramp is only available from Dura-Ramp.

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Simple Installation

  • Connect to any Dura-Ramp product with adjustable height capabilities
  • Basic assembly is required, and can be performed by most warehouse technicians.
  • If needed, we can help connect you with a local installer

Improve Efficiency

  • Lift and lower ramp in minutes
  • Minimize downtime at warehouse and rail yards with changing dock height

Easy to Use

  • Operate with the flip of a toggle to lift and lower
  • 110V electric motor can be plugged in using a standard extension cord

Built to Last

  • Durable construction built to withstand wear and tear of freight loading
  • No contact points for safety and long life

Frequently Asked Questions

Can it be installed on my existing portable ramp?

The Electric Easy-Lift can be installed on any Dura-Ramp product. The ramp must have adjustable height capabilities.

How long does it take to lift and lower?

Depending on the ramp height, the Electric Easy-Lift takes approximately two minutes to elevate a ramp from its lowest state to full extension.

How is the motor powered?

The electric motor can be powered through a standard 110 volt wall outlet using an extension cord.

How do I install it?

If you need assistance with installation, we can connect you with a local installer.

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