Mobile Loading Ramps & Forklift Ramps

Mobile Yard Ramps & Forklift Ramps

The Dura-Ramp Mobile loading ramp features our innovative wheel system, which makes the ramp incredibly flexible and easy to move from one location to the next. This portable yard ramp’s fully self-supported design also makes the Dura-Ramp Mobile a much safer option when compared to other yard ramps on the market. Thanks to its impressive versatility, no other industrial loading ramps on the market can compare to the Dura-Ramp Mobile.

Dura-Ramp Mobile Specifications


  • Model Number
  • Level Length
  • Ramp Length
  • Overall Width
  • Service Width
  • Capacity
  • Weight
  • Service Height
  • Grade

  • DR-M30LT
  • 6 ft.
  • 24 ft.
  • 77 in.
  • 72 in.
  • 20K lbs.
  • 5,710 lbs.
  • 42-56 in.
  • 16%

  • DR-M36LT
  • 6 ft.
  • 30 ft.
  • 77 in.
  • 72 in.
  • 20K lbs.
  • 6,900 lbs.
  • 42-56 in.
  • 13%

  • DR-M30
  • 6 ft.
  • 24 ft.
  • 95 in.
  • 89 in.
  • 30K lbs.
  • 6,800 lbs.
  • 42-56 in.
  • 16%

  • DR-M36
  • 6 ft.
  • 30 ft.
  • 95 in.
  • 89 in.
  • 30K lbs.
  • 8,050 lbs.
  • 42-56 in.
  • 13%

  • DR-M38
  • 8 ft.
  • 30 ft.
  • 95 in.
  • 89 in.
  • 30K lbs.
  • 8,750 lbs.
  • 42-56 in.
  • 13%

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Ramp Benefits

Impressive Versatility

  • Easy to move to a variety of loading locations
  • Quick set-up and take down for minimal down-time
  • Several yard and loading dock application options

Durable Mobile Ramp Construction

  • 100% welded steel ramp design supported by heavy duty I-Beams
  • Built tough to withstand frequent usage and harsh weather elements

Highest Level Safety Standards

  • High traction, serrated steel bar grate decking
  • Secure ramp to trailer connection with safety chain
  • Safe forklift entry and exit with an integrated 6” dock plate

Little to No Downtime

  • Maintenance-free mobile ramp designs means minimal cleaning or repairs needed
  • Fast and efficient installation reduces time waiting for mobile ramp

We also produce completely Customized Ramps.

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Ramp Features

Wheel System

  • Provides added maneuverability

Freestanding Design with Adjustable Support Legs

  • Two speed hand crank system is user friendly and adjusts deck height in seconds

Quality Finishing

  • Coated with a high quality polyurethane paint in the colour of your choice

Ramp Options

Electric Easy-Lift

Loading Ramp Easy LiftRequiring just a standard 110V electrical connection, the Electric Easy-Lift makes the process of raising or lowering your portable loading dock incredibly simple. CLICK TO LEARN MORE

Transition Plate

Loading Ramp Transition Plates16″ manually operated, hinged loading dock transition plate. Replaces the integrated 6” dock overlap with a series of longer, door style hinged plates.

Integrated Dock Leveler

Loading Ramp LevelerIntegrated dock leveler, replaces the integrated 6” dock overlap. Adds more height adjustment, includes rubber bumpers and saves time in truck loading applications.

Removable Hand Railings

Loading Ramp Removable HandrailsRecommended for any type of foot traffic.

Wood Decking

Loading Ramp Wood DeckA must if any type of tracked equipment will be using the dock ramp.

Upgraded Channel Rails

Loading Ramp Upgraded Channel RailsReplaces our standard tube railing with a solid, robust, curb railing. Built to withstand the harshest abuse.


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