Railcar Loading Ramp Solutions

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If you’re company is in need of a loading ramp solution for railcar loading, Dura-Ramp’s selection of railcar loading ramps and rail yard forklift docks offer easy maneuverability and convenient, safe operation. Dura-Ramp’s railcar loading ramps are built with an unrivaled three-piece ramp construction and fork pockets on every section.

Railcar Loading Ramp Features to Improve Operational Efficiency

The Dura-Ramp Rail Series of forklift loading ramps offers many incredible features including a large forklift loading ramp platform, unique ramp design compatibility, and the ability to spot several railcars at once. All of these features will help improve operational efficiency. Like all Dura-Ramp products, the Rail Series railcar loading ramps are built with supreme durability so that they are able to withstand plenty of usage in all different types of weather conditions. The Rail Series ramps are constructed with a superior I-beam support structure ensuring that it is a safe and reliable product.

Two Different Models of Railcar Loading Ramps

Dura-Ramp’s Rail Series of loading ramps offers two different models, the DR-Rail 12 and the DR-Rail 15. The DR-Rail 15 is 15 feet by 15 feet in level length and is built to handle larger railcar loading operations. Although each of these railcar loading ramps has unique specifications, each is built with the same forklift ramp safety superiority. Each ramp comes with a removable safety rail and serrated steel bar grate decking system for increased traction.

Unparalleled Durability and Minimal Maintenance

For companies that move many railcars on a daily basis, the Dura-Ramp railcar loading ramps are the obvious choice. The unparalleled durability translates to little to no maintenance, eliminating costly operational equipment downtime. Installation and take-down are quick and easy thanks to the unique fork pockets located on the loading ramps.

Complete Customization of Railcar Loading Ramps

The railcar loading ramps come equipped with height-adjustable support legs that are quick adapt to whatever deck height required thanks to its two-speed hand crank system. Each ramp is finished with a durable polyurethane paint to help protect it from extreme weather and damage. Like all Dura-Ramp loading ramps, the Rail-Series is fully customizable and comes in your colour of choice.

If your company needs a durable railcar loading ramp capable of spotting several railcars at once, check out Dura-Ramp’s Rail Series of railcar loading ramps below.




Dura Ramp Pro

A versatile and convenient forklift loading ramp design boasting superior loading and unloading capabilities.