Warehouse Dock Ramps

If you are looking to improve warehouse loading times and create a safer warehouse environment, a warehouse dock ramp might be the perfect solution for you. All of our pre-engineered warehouse portable loading ramps for sale are constructed from 100% welded steel materials in order to provide unrivalled durability. Our loading dock ramps are also designed to make it easier for forklifts to transport materials from the ground to the dock.

Dock ramps are the ideal solution for warehouses and retail distribution centres that require high-performance equipment that is built to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use for years on end. At Dura-Ramp, we ensure that all of our warehouse dock ramps are designed and constructed to stand up to even the most extreme environmental and weather conditions.

In addition to our selection of pre-engineered warehouse dock ramps, we are also proud to offer custom solutions for warehouse dock ramps that can be designed to meet the exact specifications of each unique business. Over the years, we have had the opportunity to create custom loading solutions that have benefitted a variety of Fortune 500 companies, such as Boeing, Pepsi, Amazon, and more. Each of our custom warehouse loading dock designs work to provide a unique solution and are tailored to suit a business’ exact requirements.

warehouse dock ramp

Warehouse Dock


ST warehouse dock ramp

The Dura-Ramp ST loading ramp is a warehouse dock ramp that is perfect for improving loading dock efficiencies.

Warehouse Dock


Pro Warehouse Dock Ramp

The PRO is a warehouse dock ramp designed for the most demanding, heavy-duty loading applications.

Warehouse Dock


LT warehouse dock ramp

The LT is a light duty warehouse dock ramp that provides an economical solution for warehouses.


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Custom Warehouse Loading Dock Design

While there are many cases in which a pre-engineered loading dock will suffice, there are other cases when a custom loading dock solution is required. At Dura-Ramp, we have worked with a number of large companies that have distribution centres and warehouses spread out across Canada and the United States, each of which requires its own unique loading solution. If we do not already carry the type of warehouse loading dock you need, we would be happy to custom design and build one to meet your specifications.

Pre-Engineered Docks for Warehouses

While custom loading ramps provide a tailored solution, we also carry a large inventory of pre-engineered warehouse dock ramps in a variety of sizes and configurations. An added benefit of our pre-engineered dock platforms is that they ship fast for customers around the world. In most cases, our pre-engineered dock ramps can help to significantly improve warehouse loading efficiencies with minimal modifications.

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Made From 100% Welded Steel

All of our warehouse dock ramps are constructed with 100% welded steel, ensuring that they can withstand the most extreme work environments. Due to the welded steel materials, our warehouse dock platforms have a reputation for being safe, efficient and highly durable.

Why Choose Dura-Ramp

Businesses across North America continue to trust Dura-Ramp because of our commitment to building portable loading dock ramps that exceed expectations on every level. From custom loading solutions to pre-engineered dock ramps, Dura-Ramp is a company you can trust.