Yard Ramps

Thanks to their flexible, adjustable, and easy-to-move design, portable yard ramps are a must-have piece of equipment for any warehouse. All portable yard ramps are designed to provide the same level of durability that can be expected with any portable loading dock ramp from Dura-Ramp. All of our mobile yard ramps are also engineered to withstand the toughest weather and working conditions.

Whether you are thinking about purchasing one of our pre-engineered yard ramps or are wanting to have one custom designed to meet your exact specifications, the expert team from Dura-Ramp can help you select the perfect loading ramp for your business needs. While custom ramps take longer to manufacture, they can help to significantly improve warehouse operations and loading times; however, if turnaround times are critical, a pre-engineered yard ramp might be a better fit for your business because they not only ship fast but also come stocked with a ton of features.

yard ramp

Yard Ramp


Dura-Ramp PRO yard ramp

The PRO yard ramp is a heavy-duty loading dock ramp designed for the toughest applications.

Yard Ramp


Dura-Ramp ST yard ramp

The ST yard ramp is designed to provide ground-to-dock access for high dock warehouses.

Yard Ramp


Dura-Ramp LT yard ramp

The LT yard ramp is a smaller, lighter and more economical version of the PRO yard ramp.


Yard Ramp Features & Applications

Our forklift yard ramps come with a variety of features that make them suitable for almost any type of warehouse yard loading or unloading application.

  • Innovative wheel system
  • Adjustable support legs
  • Heavy-duty I-Beams
  • Serrated steel bar grate decking
  • Secure safety chain
  • 6” dock plate
  • 100% welded steel materials
  • 2-speed hand crank system

dura-ramp yard ramp

The innovative wheel system allows for increased mobility and maneuverability. The adjustable support legs and heavy-duty I-Beams give them the ability to remain agile while fully capable of withstanding ongoing daily loading and unloading.

Yard ramps come with serrated steel bar grate decking, a secure safety chain and a 6” dock plate for safe entry and exit. Quick height adjustments can be made on the fly with the two-speed hand crank system that controls the yard dock ramp’s height.

Choosing the Right Yard Ramp

Both our custom and pre-engineered forklift yard ramps are available in a variety of different sizes with many different options for additional ramp add ons including our electric easy-lift motors, 16″ transition plates, integrated dock levelers, removable hand railings, wood decking and upgraded channel rails.

As a leader in custom loading dock ramp solutions, we have manufactured yard ramps for major corporations and fortune 500 companies around the world. Our customers continue to choose Dura-Ramp because of our superior durability and safety features. Some of the other reasons include:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Fast shipping
  • Cost efficiency
  • Costly downtime prevention
  • Workplace injury reduction
  • Superior traction
  • Improved safety
  • 100% welded steel materials
  • Professional engineering

If you would like a free quote on a yard ramp or any of our other loading ramps, please fill out a contact form on our website or give us a call.