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  • Dura-Ramp featured in Canadian Metalworking Magazine

    For years Dura-Ramp has been determined to provide the highest quality loading ramps on the market. Through state-of-the-art technology we have designed and created ramps that are shipped all over the world. Recently we have gained the attention of Canadian Metalworking Magazine for your ramp production. From the ground up Brandon Edwards, founder of Dura-Ramp ... READ MORE

  • Adjustable Loading Dock Feet for Level Ground

    For loading and unloading in a warehouse, the safest traffic zones are the ones that are firm and even. This allows workers to move to and from without worry of tripping hazards and forklift operators can navigate without fear of running into bumps and tipping over. This is why we manufacture loading docks with adjustable ... READ MORE

  • Ramp Connection Kit: Portable to Permanent

    Throughout a number of conversations we describe many of our loading ramps as “portable”, we understand that a number of our clients do not intend to have their loading docks or loading ramps moved frequently – if ever. While forklifts can move our docks and ramps easily, we also offer a ramp connection kit so ... READ MORE

  • Custom Ramp Showcase: Wyoming Custom Solution

    Our custom ramp solutions can completely change the functionality and capability of a loading bay by providing new solutions and a safer loading area. In this case we were approached by a client with a problem that was preventing tractor-trailers from unloading at their warehouse dock. The Needs The customer had a loading dock that ... READ MORE

  • Custom Loading Ramp Design Process

    In the last few months we have begun showcasing just some of the custom loading ramps that we have been designing. The International E-Z Up and The Seattle Times Newspaper ramps were just a couple of the hundreds of custom ramps that we have built. Through our years of experience we have been able to ... READ MORE

  • What is a loading dock?

    We have been designing and manufacturing loading docks for years, but we still run into companies that are new to the idea and how it can help their business. The diverse uses of a loading dock can improve warehouse logistics for any company and result in gains in productivity. Assistance with unloading For those who ... READ MORE

  • Custom Ramp Showcase: International E-Z Up

    This week we are featuring a custom loading ramp that we designed for International E-Z Up in Norco, California. International E-Z Up is the#1 provider of portable shelters. Dura-Ramp created a fully customized loading dock to transform an existing lot into a fully functional shipping hub. The Needs International E-Z Up was in need of ... READ MORE

  • Custom Ramp Showcase: The Seattle Times News Paper

    At Dura-Ramp we love to help find unique solutions to our clients’ loading needs. This often ends up in the form of a custom-loading ramp that is designed specifically for the client’s requirements. This week we are showcasing a custom loading ramp that we designed for The Seattle Times News Paper. The Needs The Seattle ... READ MORE

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